Which dress to wear for which occassion

For men, choosing your outfit seems easy. They have a few suits and maybe the shirt and jacket vary from event to event. Women, however, have some more difficulty selecting proper attire. Do you know what is required when an invitation requires “black tie”? Before you visit My Evening Dress and select an outfit, read some more about which dress can be worn at which occasion. Also, you can read the opinions of other customers about My Evening Dress on BritainReviews.

Prom Dress or Gown – gala and Black Tie

Even though the black tie is arguably the easiest dress code for men (Tuxedo, clear and simple), it’s the most difficult dress code for women because they can wear anything from a long dress to the formal register of cocktail dresses. But, as a gala, a black-tie event is the perfect opportunity to wear that beautiful long gown that you are never able to wear to other parties. Gala gowns are often the most elaborate dresses and reserved especially for occasions such as proms, movie premieres and other red carpet events.

Cocktail Dress – cocktail parties

A cocktail dress is a dress for parties and so-called evening functions. If you see “cocktail attire” as a dress code on your invitation, they require a short dress that finishes just above or at the knees. Any print or colour is allowed, but keep it fun but modest. You don’t want all of your attention to go to your dress, cause cocktail events are often meant to serve as social events and business meeting. You want to strike some business deals or make some new connections while you’re having fun. The dress should be worn with some high heels or if you can’t wear heels for some reason, formal wedges. In short: you should look sophisticated. If you want to, you can add some playful accessories but, again, these accessories should be sophisticated.

The Women’s Suit – business dinner party

At work, you want to be taken seriously so you should make sure your attention is not drawn to your clothes. A women’s suit consisting of a blouse, skirt and jacket is always a good choice although some dresses are appropriate for business dinners. The slit of your skirt shouldn’t be too long and watch out for low necklines. If you want to, you can add some modest jewellery such as a bracelet, watch or pair of earrings.

A little Black Dress – any occasion

And we close with a dress that is suitable for any occasion: the little black dress. The little black dress can be worn on almost any occasion and is, therefore, a dress that any woman should have in her wardrobe. A light, casual jacket, straw hat and some sneakers turn the dress into a casual dress for a drink with some friends while a blazer and high heels make the dress formal. It’s all about the way you wear it. The dress is often quite plain and can be combined with all sorts of accessories. You can work with hats, scarves, jewellery and so on. A coat, formal hat, colourful scarf, a plain black dress goes with anything.

Next time a festive or formal occasion comes up, you know what to wear.

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