How not to become the worst dressed student on campus

College life is not just about studying and securing good grades as most students learn when they take admission in a college for the first time. They get the freedom to attend classes without a uniform and find that they need to dress up nicely to impress others. Of course, there is no one to dictate you on your choice of clothing but you discover that being dressed nicely is a great way to look and feel attractive and also to make friends on the campus. Students who are considered as poorly dressed up happen to be the ones having very few friends and they also report loneliness and homesickness. Yes, you can attend your classes in your pyjamas but you need to make efforts to avoid being the worst dressed student on the campus. Here are some easy style tips to make sure you are considered stylish and fashionable on the campus.

Opt for polo in favour of T-shirts

T-shirts are the ultimate causal garments donned by students for comfort and flexibility. In fact, they are staple garments found in the wardrobe of every college student. However, you can get the same level of comfort in a polo that gets you noticed because of its collars. Polo shirts give you a formal appearance and they also look much nicer than casual T-shirts. You can wear T-shirts everywhere else but buy a few polo shirts to look smart and formal when attending classes.

Avoid sweatshirts and choose sweaters and cardigans

Sweatshirts are the favourite outerwear for most students. They know these sweatshirts give them a sporty look and also keep them warm. However, a sweatshirt is as casual as it gets and you do not look nicely dressed when you are attending your classes. You should wear your sweatshirt when hitting the gym or when attending a football game on the weekend. If you do not wish to be considered as a poorly dressed guy on the campus, give up on sweatshirt and wear a plain cardigan or a sweater as outerwear.

Distressed and faded jeans are a big no

You may be a big fan of faded jeans but it doesn’t look nice when you are going to attend your classes. Jeans with holes in it may allow you to make a style statement but they are not a proper dress for a professional or a student attending his classes on the campus. Your aim is to have a professional appearance rather than looking casual and like a rock star when going to the classroom for essay writing. Dark colour jeans are now acceptable as a dress code in most colleges and even workplaces. Have a few plain dark colour jeans in your closet and avoid wearing faded or distressed denim when attending classes.

Avoid low rise jeans

This is another fashion trend that you must avoid at all costs if you do not wish to look worst dressed on the campus. These low rise jeans are indeed sexy and sporty but they look great outside the campus when you are having fun with your friends. They make you look out of sync when you are attending classes on the campus. Make sure you have 1-2 mid rise jeans in your closet in the room so that you do not look worst dressed student on the campus.

Say no to skinny jeans

Skinny jeans may look good on you but it does not look appropriate when you are attending classes. These jeans throw unnecessary attention of others on the lower part of your body and also distract you form focussing on your studies.